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Acquired Tastes

15 Mar


I was assured by an Australian friend that Vegemite, which is slathered on toast like jelly, was delicious, but it was an "acquired taste." I should've realized that there is no possible way for me to acquire a taste for concentrated yeast extract...


Short post again today.  I don’t want to bore you with my penchant for verbosity everyday.  That’s no bueno.  Besides, this thing is probably filled with typos because the spell check feature isn’t working.  Try not to judge me too harshly…

For the record, I have about five different posts in the pipes.  I have a hard time figuring out what I’m going to post.  I have no shortage of ideas.  I think that’s the problem.  I need to figure out how to focus. 


I was sitting here working on another post (Black Love Pt. I:  The Hollywood Hoax, coming to a blog near YOU!  3.16.11) and listening to Sade’s “No Ordinary Love.”  I love this song, absoltely adore it.  However, a younger Jess couldn’t stand the sound of Sade’s voice and would beg her mother (who has incredibly good music taste, by the way) to change the station.  I didn’t start liking Sade until her album Lover’s Rock and the song “By Your Side” was released.  I absolutely fell in love with her!  All of her older stuff that I couldn’t stand to listen to, like “Smooth Operator” and “Sweetest Taboo,” suddenly became favorites.  I have no explanation for this other than I simply was too young to enjoy her.

While reflecting on that, I thought about some of the other things that I have learned to love as I’ve gotten older.

1.  Grape Juice
I didn’t say that this list would make sense or that this would be a great post.  I despired grape juice as a kid.  I hated taking communion on up into high school because grape juice was pretty much the foulest thing that I could imagine drinking.  Suddenly (or perhaps because of communion), during my freshman year in college, I began guzzling grape juice like it was going out of style.  It was wonderful!  There was a point in time where I had to have a glass every morning. 

2.  Dresses
I know a lot of women probably feel me on this one.  I hated dresses as a kid.  I wasn’t the girliest (or most coordinated, for that matter) child, so my mom always had me wear those long, Anne of Avonlea bloomers underneath my dresses until I was eight.  I didn’t have any complaints.  I could run around and fall and not get as embarrassed.  However, after I turned nine and the bloomers went away, I stopped wearing dresses.  With exception of prom, Ms. SHS, Ms. Syhiscan, and other formal events where I HAD to wear a dress (and a formal dress is a whole ‘nother bag of hate I haven’t quite gotten over…), I wore pants or a pants suit a la hilary Clinton.  I also have an issue with my knees – I don’t like them hos, not one bit.  It wasn’t until I turned 21 that I started voluntarily wearing dresses.  The guy I was dating at the time mentioned that he liked seeing me in dresses, so I went out and bought five of them just for him.  Usually I’m not that accommodating, but I discovered that I actually liked wearing dresses, not just because of him, but because dresses were fun.  I felt like an actual adult, a *gasp* lady every time I wore one.

3.  Driving
When I first started to drive, I HATED it.  As a matter of fact, I didn’t get my learner’s permit until four months after I turned sixteen.  In Alabama, you can get them when you turn fifteen (or could at the time…I don’t know what they do these days).  The only reason I got them then is because I had to have then for driver’s ed (which I was forced to take).  I didn’t like driving.  I have really poor vision and I’m much more comfortable, even now, riding than I am driving.  For a very long time – up until I was 19 – I wouldn’t drive on Hwy 280.  I live on Hwy 280, and the only way I could get to and from UAB was on Hwy 280, so that sort of put a stop to that.  After I got used to the highways and interstates (and taught myself how to parallel park in downtown Birmingham), I became a road warrior.  I LOVE to drive.  Before gas prices got to be this high, I used to drive around just to clear my head.  It was nothing to jump in the car and make an impromptu raodtrip out of state.  I flippin love to drive.  One of these days (as per my 30 before 30 list), I’m going to take what I’m calling my “No Turn Left Behind” trip where I take every exit ending in “13” and just explore.

4.  Bikes
I hated bike riding as a kid.  I’d rather walk.  I didn’t learn to ride a bike until I was nine, and that was after being forced to do so by my father after he discovered that my seven-year-old brother could ride a bike and I couldn’t.  I didn’t get the point of bike riding.  It used more energy than walking and getting your feet caught up in the pedals (like I had a habit of doing) HURT.  Now…I don’t find bike riding.  Granted, the extent of my bike riding takes place on the stationary bike at my gym, but I’m actually thinking about purchasing a bike.  So maybe this one doesn’t count after all…hmm…

Anybody got anymore to add?  I know this is a craptastic post…I assure you that tomorrow’s will be loads better!


Whack a Mole

10 Mar


Just popping up. Please don't hit me...

Just rearing my head here,  posting for the sake of posting.  In blog attempts past, if I went too long without posting, I pretty much nailed the coffin lid close on that blog.  I’m in the middle of mid-terms right now, so we will get back to your regularly scheduled Black Berriez blog after I have recollected my soul from the devil finished my tests.  I’ve not got anything interesting to say, but – so I don’t COMPLETELY waste your time – I’ll leave you with a poem, cuz I’m giving you the best that I got.  Well…not really, but I like that song.


Diamonds are Words

Why adorn yourself with coal?

Dirty, ugly, and quite common.

When told to choose among carbon adornments

You grab the first thing you see.

It’s all the same.  No!

I pick through the darkness for something bright.

A diamond.  Carbon, but not common.

So let it be with your words.

Arrange them so that they aren’t dull

But brilliant!

They aren’t brittle

But strong!

They are precious and rare.

Jewels to adorn the mouth.

The ears and the heart.

Diamonds are words.