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Whack a Mole

10 Mar


Just popping up. Please don't hit me...

Just rearing my head here,  posting for the sake of posting.  In blog attempts past, if I went too long without posting, I pretty much nailed the coffin lid close on that blog.  I’m in the middle of mid-terms right now, so we will get back to your regularly scheduled Black Berriez blog after I have recollected my soul from the devil finished my tests.  I’ve not got anything interesting to say, but – so I don’t COMPLETELY waste your time – I’ll leave you with a poem, cuz I’m giving you the best that I got.  Well…not really, but I like that song.


Diamonds are Words

Why adorn yourself with coal?

Dirty, ugly, and quite common.

When told to choose among carbon adornments

You grab the first thing you see.

It’s all the same.  No!

I pick through the darkness for something bright.

A diamond.  Carbon, but not common.

So let it be with your words.

Arrange them so that they aren’t dull

But brilliant!

They aren’t brittle

But strong!

They are precious and rare.

Jewels to adorn the mouth.

The ears and the heart.

Diamonds are words.