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Sunday Inspiration: Transparency vs. Invisibility

13 Mar

This another old something that I wrote a while ago, almost immediately after I wrote “Being a Vessel.”   God bless!
I typed this note in MS Word first to cut down on the number of typos. When I went back and re-read my previous note, the English major in me was aghast at the number of typographical errors. Typos are distracting – to me at least. But anywho, this note is not about typographical errors. It’s about something I was thinking/praying about on the way to work and I decided to share.

Sharing is caring.

As many of you know, I’m in a place of transition. Last year, 2008, was really about new beginnings for me and this year, 2009, is about divine completion. Not that I’ll ever be complete (there is always room for improvement), but I feel like God is looking to complete this particular cycle and transition. So I was praying and talking to God about being a vessel and removing all of those things that are not like Him, and I said, “Lord, I need you to make me transparent.” And y’all know how me and God talk – like I talk to y’all  – and he said, “Well why stop there? I don’t need you to be transparent; I need you to be invisible. Transparent isn’t good enough.” I wasn’t as confounded as I was when he was talking to me about being a vessel because I had heard a minister friend of mine say the same thing – ask the Lord to make you transparent until you are invisible. So I asked for clarification. And here it is.

Transparency or being transparent, by definition, means to be “sheer, as to permit light to pass through; easily seen through; diaphanous.” (Shout out to Dictionary.com) Allow me to explain using my chemistry background (the only thing it’s good for these days): things that are transparent, like glass or certain types of plastic, allow light rays to pass through them so that what is on the other side may be clearly visible, almost as if there were no obstructing material. Almost. Invisibility, however, means “not visible; not perceptible or discernible by the eye or mind; unseen.” So I was like, okay God! I see where you’re going with this!

Being transparent is okay, but when you want to be a vessel for God, being transparent isn’t quite good enough. It’s a nice starting place, but you’ve got to go beyond that. We’re supposed to be the lights that draw others to Christ and the light that is within us is Christ Jesus. People are supposed to see Him in us before we speak, walk, smile, or bat our eyelashes. That being said, being transparent allows people to clearly see Him in you…but they can still see you. When you look through glass to see something, it is pretty impossible not to get a bit of glare or reflection in the process. Besides that, glass has a knack of getting dirty and smudged with fingerprints and stuff. We all know how distracting reflections, dirt, and smudges can be. It’s like looking out of a dirty windshield. Right now it’s spring and pollen is everywhere. When you get in your pollen covered car, you can see enough through the glass to get where you’re going, but all of the dirt, pollen, and smudges (if you wipe your window with your hand sometimes like me – bad habit) are pretty distracting. Those reflections and smudges – our pride, opinions, rebellion, doubt, etc – really take away from someone seeing the God in us. We don’t need ourselves to reflect, smudge, and distract anyone who is seeking God. They can see the God in us, but they can also still see the us in us. Does that make sense?

But thank God for invisibility, not being visible or discernible to the eye or mind! That means the person doesn’t even recognize or know that I’m there. All they see is God. There are no reflections. There are no smudges. There are no distractions. There is no me. That’s what God wants from us. When we say we want to decrease so that He might increase, that doesn’t just mean I’m getting rid of some of the Jessica that’s there – I’m getting rid of all of the Jessica there. I don’t want anything that Jessica is doing or saying to distract those that may be looking for Him. When people see me, I want them to see the God in me. I don’t even want them to wonder how or why I’m doing what I’m doing. I want them to immediately know, “Okay. That’s the God in Jessica.”

So, guys, pray for me that I get to that point. Right now, I’m still transparent…well, I might be a little on the translucent side, but I’m getting there! It is my prayer that I, and everyone who wants to be a force in the Kingdom, take up the task of becoming invisible.