I work best on a schedule. Work gets done, bills get paid, medicine gets thought about but not necessarily taken…schedules are how I roll. I figure a schedule would help me keep my blog organized and will make it more interesting and whatnot. You wanna read something inspirational? Come on Sundays. Wanna hear my thoughts on a particular artist? Come Wednesday. This basically helps me harness/focus the millions of thoughts in my head.

Here it is:

Sunday – Sunday Inspiration
I will share something that I feel is spiritually inspiring

Monday – Mailbag Monday
I will discuss a topic or (with a copious disclaimer) dispense advice about a question from you. Email me at or via Twitter at BlackBerriesBlg.

Tuesday – Video Log
A stimulating and insightful video from moi. Subscribe to my YouTube channel: BlackBerriezBlog.

Wednesday – You Oughta Check Out…
I tell you about an amazing writer, musician, book, etc. that you oughta check out. I have incredible taste, might I add…

Thursday – Writer’s Workshop
I am a writer and I am constantly looking for ways to improve my craft. Here, I will post pieces of prose and poetry for perusal. Constructive criticism welcome. And I know the difference between a critique and regular ol’ hating. Trust.

Friday – Freed Day
I post whatever.

Saturday – I’m Mad OR The Adventures of Hoodbilly: The Comic
One of two things will happen on Friday: I will either write a passionate rant, or else I will release the latest installment of my craptastic comic, The Adventures of Hoodbilly.


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