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20 Jul

I mean…nobody really demanded anything. Or even asked, but still…


Hey!  Anybody out there?

It’s been a little over a year since I last posted, and my have things changed!  I’ve spent the past several hours trying to figure out what I set as my password to the blog, then what I set as my password to the email address that the password link was sent to.

It was a harrowing adventure.

Nonetheless, I am back.  I am going to start blogging again.  However, there are going to be a lot of changes around her over the next few days.  I’m going to go back and restructure/reformat the blog.  I may even change the name.  There’s too much purple.  I’ve also gotta find some way to streamline this blog in terms of topics and stuff.  Clearly, the schedule did NOT work.  Plus, my blog posts were tooooooo loooooooong.  Some of the stuff I posted could be posted into parts, thus giving me more opportunities to post!

So anyway, stay tuned for more!



20 Apr

My semester is FINALLY drawing to a close; three classes down, four more to go. I’ve made it, by the grace of God, through 21 hours of knowledge, rounding out my have senior year with an additional 39 hours. I’m doing all of this schooling for my future and all that jazz…or so I tell myself. I am convinced that I am experiencing an educational hangover this morning. It’s the first school year I’ve had since my Great Migration that I didn’t have a dead week before finals. Whether that’s good or bad has yet to be determined. All i know is that woke up at the crack of dawn, agitated because I couldn’t stop dreaming about my exams.

This is a lousy post. I know. I’ll make up for it this afternoon.
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New and Improved!

18 Apr

Welcome to the new and improved¹ Black Berriez blog!  Now the slogan actually makes sense!

If you would be so kind, please direct your attention to the top right quadrant of your screen (alas, not on your mobile device – completely different format) to the *NEW* tab that says “Schedule.”  That’s right.  I am now operating on a schedule in order to preserve my sanity!  In order for this schedule to work, I need crowd participation – especially on MONDAYS.

Like today.

So…if you have a question or a topic that you would like for me to discuss, please send it in!  I will answer them (and I don’t expect more than probably three or four – since people don’t like to comment around here!) next Monday.

Send questions/topics to or follow me on Twitter and ask blackberriezblg.



¹I really hate that saying.  If something is new, then it is, by definition, something that has been called into a state of existence from a state of unexistence.  If something is improved, then it is something in existence that is called into a state of betterment.  An oxymoron of the very worse kind!!!

It’s all good!

16 Apr

Okay, this is not a long post, but is an explanation, of sorts, for my whereabouts. I’ve been rather absent around here. No posts, no updates, few tweets…pretty much silent. Truth be told, I was very much in the doldrums. My grandfather and my uncle passed within days of each other and a extraordinarily challenging semester was taking its toll on me. I can usually put up a good front, but stressed doesn’t even begin to describe what I was dealing with as of late. A good three of four times I logged in to post, once with the express intent to tell the legend of this old cat that came to Poppy’s funeral that went by the name Alabama Sam. Everytime I tried, I’d get sad and wouldn’t write.

But last night, as I was sitting and listening to old voicemails from my granddad, I realized that I my Poppy would cold curse me to the blue blazes if he knew what I was doing! neither he nor my uncle would want me sitting around ina pathetic stupor life goes on. I felt like I got some sort of permission to be happy and I took it. My granddad and my Uncle Sydney are gone and there is absolutely nothing I can do to change that. But what I can do is live and love and laugh in their memories. I can laugh at the time I was in Detroit with Poppy and a hornet flew in my mouth and the four year old me didn’t have sense enough to let is fly out. Poppy had to smack my cheeks at the same time to get me to open my mouth. Or I can shake my head at the memory of Uncle Sydney installing a brand new swing set in his back yard and I jumped off of it and broke my arm and him telling me that, “you talk like a parrot, but you can’t fly like one.”

When we lose the ones we love, we can’t die with them. Who will be left to carry on their memory? I can’t dwell in pain; for starters, it’s not my nature. Will I ever
not miss them? No, but I dont have to be a Sally Sadpants about it.

So if you were wondering where I was and when I am coming back, just know that storms are only temporary and it’s all good.
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I Am Sad =(

1 Apr

I am sad.


You wanna know why I’m sad? Hardly anybody comments on my blog. I have subscribers and steady traffic, but very few people comment. You know what happens when people don’t comment? My chronic insecurities, which are only kept in check by the affirmation I receive through comments and feedback, flare up and render me completely incapable of continuing in the current vein of apparent mediocrity that makes it possible for those to read my blog, but not comment.

I wax pretentious. Now for the melodrama free translation:

I thrive on comments and feedback. Its how I know that what I’m writing is relevant. Without feedback, I feel like I’m shouting in an empty room. I’m that tree in the forest that fell and nobody was around to hear it.

You smell what I’m stepping in?

So basically, I’m issuing an ultimatum: if I don’t get at least half as many comments as hits, I’m shutting the studio down I’m gonna chill with the blogging. I told y’all before; this is my third blog. I’m a quitter! Break the cycle!

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Flaws and All

26 Mar

It’s late (and not that great and/or coherrent), but here’s my video post.  Try to enjoy!

UPDATES: Video later tonight

25 Mar

I have equipped Malcolm, my dear phone, with a WordPress app. Now I can post anytime , anywhere! Isn’t that exciting?

In other news, I will be posting my pre-Meeting of the Minds video tonight. Don’t know what it’ll be about, but it’s sure to be interesting. Stay tuned!

And leave comments! I can tell from my stats that I’m getting traffic (especially on Sundays) but COMMENTS make me happy. Please and thank you!

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