It’s all good!

16 Apr

Okay, this is not a long post, but is an explanation, of sorts, for my whereabouts. I’ve been rather absent around here. No posts, no updates, few tweets…pretty much silent. Truth be told, I was very much in the doldrums. My grandfather and my uncle passed within days of each other and a extraordinarily challenging semester was taking its toll on me. I can usually put up a good front, but stressed doesn’t even begin to describe what I was dealing with as of late. A good three of four times I logged in to post, once with the express intent to tell the legend of this old cat that came to Poppy’s funeral that went by the name Alabama Sam. Everytime I tried, I’d get sad and wouldn’t write.

But last night, as I was sitting and listening to old voicemails from my granddad, I realized that I my Poppy would cold curse me to the blue blazes if he knew what I was doing! neither he nor my uncle would want me sitting around ina pathetic stupor life goes on. I felt like I got some sort of permission to be happy and I took it. My granddad and my Uncle Sydney are gone and there is absolutely nothing I can do to change that. But what I can do is live and love and laugh in their memories. I can laugh at the time I was in Detroit with Poppy and a hornet flew in my mouth and the four year old me didn’t have sense enough to let is fly out. Poppy had to smack my cheeks at the same time to get me to open my mouth. Or I can shake my head at the memory of Uncle Sydney installing a brand new swing set in his back yard and I jumped off of it and broke my arm and him telling me that, “you talk like a parrot, but you can’t fly like one.”

When we lose the ones we love, we can’t die with them. Who will be left to carry on their memory? I can’t dwell in pain; for starters, it’s not my nature. Will I ever
not miss them? No, but I dont have to be a Sally Sadpants about it.

So if you were wondering where I was and when I am coming back, just know that storms are only temporary and it’s all good.
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